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    It’s been a long time since my last spawn. Everything was just getting too much for a while there. Quite a while. More than three years. It’s good to be back. The parents of this spawn were bred by Shane and Joel of Betta Spectra. I’m told to expect a lolly bag. Pair introduced very late at night on Wednesday 17/10/2018 after only about 3-4 days conditioning. Didn’t use a chimney they were in adjacent tanks and I simply uncarded them. They were put together before I went to bed and the lights turned off. It had been raining for a couple of days and the moon was waxing (1st quarter). Not sure exactly when they spawned. I only noticed the eggs on Friday night and there were tails on Saturday. Made a little YouTube to celebrate hahaha.
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    So my quick and cheap diy brine shrimp hatcher consists of an upside down Berri juice bottle sliced to the right length and an airline coming in from above and resting in the cap. I discovered that it fits nicely in a beanie box which is what I’m using to hold the bottles upright and I’m also using the beanie box lid to control the splashes.
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    Hatchery is going well. Will take some pictures.
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    In that case we should keep track of how easily this line spawns. We might be able to transfer that trait.
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    Lovers, enthusiasts and quite honestly addicts of all things Betta Splendens...
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    My partner used to breed fish a bit, but took a long break and are now getting back into it. We purchased this pair from Aqua bid as we can't get any fish like this up in Cairns! We mated these two in a ceramic pot, thinking it would be more natural than in a tank and there were alot of babies - numbers have dwindled quite substantially and we have about 7 now. I'll be happy if these 7 grow to become adults. Will post more pics soon!
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    That's fascinating that they kept growing. I don't think there's anything wrong with diving in and giving it a go. We can learn so much from the experiments. My first spawn was a red/blue veiltail male to a royal blue female. Well sort of. Their colours were very mixed. I got all 3 irid colours and so much red wash some of them were nearly bicolour. I still remember that spawn fondly.
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    The size difference is hard to avoid. Sounds like you're doing well. Very exciting!
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    Sorry I can't make it. Hope there'll be photos.
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    Very happy with this spawn. Keeping 2 males & a couple of females.
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    Congrats on the show!! Hes gorgeous!! These guys have matured into beautiful fish. I really really love the little black white marble girl, shes too cute
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    Spawn complete. Have kept 4 females & 4 males. Black Turquoise dragon came 3rd at the recent VIC Betta IBC show. Just a little chuffed.
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    One of my all time fav species to keep was B.Edithae . Beautiful stunning little fish, that spawned time after time and raised a little colony.
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    JLM21112015 F211 wks old26 juvies9 males now jarredVery impressed with these babys
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    Nice and shiny little guys
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    Thanks from what I can see all the other fish are the same colour as that female
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    Time for him to go to his new home. Very happy with his colours & sad that he was the only survivor.
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    He is nice. I'm keeping the bluey/greeny one (he's like his Dad) & now to decide between the 2 copper boys or the light with some irids boy??? Decisions, decisions.
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    Thanks hes a bit of a weirdo and has decided that he will only flare at a black stick, no reflections or other fish....if its not a black stick hes not having it. The other fish are starting to catch up in growth now that hes safely jarred, another literally identical one to him is the biggest now
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    Haha thanks Im scared that everyone will think Ive started to pick up an aussie accent! Everyones been rearranged in sizes, Ive had to combine spawns into the same tubs but luckily they are different colours so unless they all turn cello on me I should hopefully be able to refind them again
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    LOL! Ive got a little girl like that, shes such a food hog and looks like she swallowed a marble after eating
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    8wks oldAvg length - 1.7cmFry count - 26All growing well & variety of colours
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    Theyre boosting through their growth! so sparkly!
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    One of my spawns is a day ahead of yours & look the same as yours. I've just started them on grated frozen bloodworms.
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    Interesting, maybe one of the parents was a sneaky longfin? He has a gorgeous colour though
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    Love the colour of these guys, can't wait to see the adult pictures!
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    Haha thanks, yeah I was freaking out!! but from now on Im not going to baby them as much as I did, they can have a bit of tough love
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    Ooh...filling out nicely! Great macro shots Jarrod
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    Well, I thought it was getting a bit cold and have settled the pair in a 4 ltr divided tank for the winter. The heat pad I was using seemed to fail and the temp dropped for a few days so I purchased a new pad used for brewing. Doing the Job perfectly temp wise. Over the last week Dad has jumped the barrier and has been returned to his side and Mum has also visited dad on a few occasions. No nest, no wrapping no googly eyes, just seperated and barrier adjusted. Walked into the room the other day and Mum was visiting Dad again only this time small nest and wrapping? On closer inspection, free swimming babies could be seen. Where the ?&$% did they come from? As I said, no nest has been observed until today. Free swimmers with Mum and Dad while still wrapping, would indicate a union 3 - 4 days prior! All the free swimmers were quickly gathered up into a floating container about 50 all up. BBS set to go again and VE culture, although sparse could be utilised. Time for some tank consolidation. The free swimmers pulled from the clutches of the amorous parents. Being fed BBS, green water and VE And Tails, two days after wrapping I will be treating all these fry as one spawn and once dad has been removed, all will swim together with a birth date average of 26th May, day wrapping occured but free swimmers found. Tails above were yesterday 28th May. This is the tank they decided to use for a nursery. I have removed the top barrier so she could get away from him if needs be. The floating container on the right contains the 50 free swimmers found. These things seem to breed like rabbits if given the chance! 50 plus babies will certainly sort me out in this spawn. Previous biggest was 11, 9 of which reached the sort out stage, 5 sold and 4 kept. Here we go again.
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    I'm coming. Can't miss your first show. 
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    We hope one day you can make it up here too! Jarrod
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    Unlimited potential right there! Best of luck with the spawns! Jarrod
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    Thanks Jaylee- I think that it is best to not let the deformed babies be sold on either. The Gene pool with Australian bred Bettas is not that huge so we really only want the best . i have the same issue when selecting my shrimp but luckily don't have a big problem with them usually poor colour rather than deformities- 1 type that can take extreme temperatures go outside into a pond to live out their days -and I have a tank of culls that just all mix together for the ones that need more stable conditions. The ones in the pond still breed so must be reasonably happy.
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    You need to measure weekly or fortnightly. They're usually around the same size until 2wks old.
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    8/4/14 Spawn still doing well . No obvious dead fry on the bottom of the tank. Still seems to be a large number but not in the 100's thank goodness . I'm still using the airless method of hatching brineshrimp but noticed yesterdays batch didn't hatch as well as the first 2. Still a good enough number for the amount of fry I have but I can see I should add a light for warmth as Brenton has shown. I might try 1 batch in a conventional hatchery and compare hatch rates just out of interest. With only 1 spawn at a time I don't need a huge amount of brine shrimp. I'm putting mixing 1 batch together each day to give me a free hatchery so there are mixed size brine shrimp in the oldest batch- I realise that the BBS are most nutritious while very young and while they still have their eggsac but the slightly bigger ones give the fry something to chase until the next feed. (I find it hard to throw away perfectly good food so will try to grow them up for the bigger fish) The fry all appear a pink colour ,no dark ones in amongst them but then I don't really know at what age they colour up -more reading for me- the more I do the more I realise just how little I know but it's all good and I'm really enjoying the experience so far. You may have noticed I do tend to have verbal diahorreah LOL can't help my self comes from years of writing nursing reports! :D
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    7/4/15 Fry doing well . There are a lot of them! There is a noticable size difference within the spawn which I find interesting- there are a few big bruisers in there and they aren't a week old yet! I'm being very careful to put food all over the tank so they all get a fair share. No dead fry seen today. Added 500ml of fresh conditioned water to the tank but didn't take any out today. Still adding 1 portion of VE plus about 3 lots of BBS 4 times a day. I'm home all day anyway so little and often is how I will try and do it over the next week or two. I have some very very fine Betta pellets for later and also frozen worms and beefheart that I can grate. I have managed to keep a batch of black worms alive in the fridge for a few weeks now with daily water changes so I can try to cut some worms when the babies are bigger- I will get fresh ones for them though don't want to take any chances. My next major concern apart from culling deformed babies will be finding enough jars for them but I have a few weeks before that becomes an issue. It is still all going very textbook like - things are happening just as they should - I'm still very happy and excited
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    I found I had most of the red stuff in the thawing water and only the skin in the tank when cutting them up. Now feeding them live ones from the garden. Just a question on Double tails. Am I right to assume this is a recessive gene? Because I was supprised to find this one among the spawn. 47 days old 1.8 cm One of the surprises of unknown genetics. Development will be very interesting. Still a wild type color?
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    16 day update. Feeding M/W and BBS Looking for a M/W to snaffle. .7cm long Grazing on M/W both .6cm long Only 5 of this second spawn still going. Noticed one or two floating head down tail up a week ago so started adding water to the tank and added a sponge filter at the same time.
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    That's very sad to hear. Sounds really unusual as well.
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    JLM02022015 F3 2 weeks old ??? JLM02022015 F3 4 weeks old Long - 1.2cm Short - 1cm Avg - 1.1cm
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    The more water changes you do the faster they'll grow. But they look pretty healthy.
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    Thanks Razzi. I realise they are only LFS specimans. I have exhibition budgies and we show chooks so I realise there can be a negative attitude towards 'backyarders'.I know you have been supportive of 'backyarders' you realise yu next member could be a 'backyarder'. At the moment I'm just enjoying the experience. Who knows what will happen down the track... It looks like there is plenty of support for people on this forum which can only be encouraging for Newbies. Well done. Yes I did source son BS eggs and have been feeding twice a day since 10 days old. 3 days old 9 Days old Until I started the BBS they were feeding on green water and with the camera on movie setting I could see plenty of 'life' in the tank with an egg suspension also added to the tank on occasions. At about 16 days the micro worms were ready and were eagerly taken. It is not the best picture but you can see the M/W on the floor being grazed by 2 fry at 21 days old.
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    Ok a few more details. I was feeding the pair wild caught red worm and mosquito larvae regularly - 3 times a day. January 15th was Spawn date the Female removed and fed mozzie larve, part of dorsal fin missing, when not interested in Male and hiding. A little panic sets in. No feed for fry! Quickly hunted in the garden and found a bucket with green green water and started a green water jar. Also rang around Pet Shops looking for BS Eggs. One shop was getting some in the next week. This I will have to wait for. Also surfed the net looking for Micro worm culture. Had to wait a couple of days for this and then set up the culture. It would also be a week away. All this prep work was on the assumption Fry would appear. January 17 Birthday. Tails can be seen although nest was in the back corner of the tank and very difficult to see. January 19 Male removed, Some fry seem to be missing. About 15 was the count left.
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    JLM11012015 F3 4 weeks old Long - 1.2cm Short - 0.6cm Avg - 0.9cm
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