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    It’s been a long time since my last spawn. Everything was just getting too much for a while there. Quite a while. More than three years. It’s good to be back. The parents of this spawn were bred by Shane and Joel of Betta Spectra. I’m told to expect a lolly bag. Pair introduced very late at night on Wednesday 17/10/2018 after only about 3-4 days conditioning. Didn’t use a chimney they were in adjacent tanks and I simply uncarded them. They were put together before I went to bed and the lights turned off. It had been raining for a couple of days and the moon was waxing (1st quarter). Not sure exactly when they spawned. I only noticed the eggs on Friday night and there were tails on Saturday. Made a little YouTube to celebrate hahaha.
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    So my quick and cheap diy brine shrimp hatcher consists of an upside down Berri juice bottle sliced to the right length and an airline coming in from above and resting in the cap. I discovered that it fits nicely in a beanie box which is what I’m using to hold the bottles upright and I’m also using the beanie box lid to control the splashes.
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    Hatchery is going well. Will take some pictures.
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    In that case we should keep track of how easily this line spawns. We might be able to transfer that trait.
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    Lovers, enthusiasts and quite honestly addicts of all things Betta Splendens...
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    My partner used to breed fish a bit, but took a long break and are now getting back into it. We purchased this pair from Aqua bid as we can't get any fish like this up in Cairns! We mated these two in a ceramic pot, thinking it would be more natural than in a tank and there were alot of babies - numbers have dwindled quite substantially and we have about 7 now. I'll be happy if these 7 grow to become adults. Will post more pics soon!
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    That's fascinating that they kept growing. I don't think there's anything wrong with diving in and giving it a go. We can learn so much from the experiments. My first spawn was a red/blue veiltail male to a royal blue female. Well sort of. Their colours were very mixed. I got all 3 irid colours and so much red wash some of them were nearly bicolour. I still remember that spawn fondly.
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    The size difference is hard to avoid. Sounds like you're doing well. Very exciting!
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    Sorry I can't make it. Hope there'll be photos.
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    Spawn complete. Have kept 4 females & 4 males. Black Turquoise dragon came 3rd at the recent VIC Betta IBC show. Just a little chuffed.
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    Ooooo prettys. Love the steel blue.
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    JLM21112015 F211 wks old26 juvies9 males now jarredVery impressed with these babys
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    Nice and shiny little guys
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    2 week old Fry count - 20 Still in ice cream container. Eating MW & pearl fry food.
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    4 wks oldFry count - 74All fine, growing bigger each day. Avg length - 1cm
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    LOL wish I could but I don't have the room with 2 other spawns growing out too. Think I have decided on girls, I have a bluey & a light aqua lady. Hope a couple are copper than I'll have a copper pair too. 10wks oldFry count - 267 now jarred, rest in tank. Avg length - 2cm
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    Thanks from what I can see all the other fish are the same colour as that female
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    Haha thanks Im scared that everyone will think Ive started to pick up an aussie accent! Everyones been rearranged in sizes, Ive had to combine spawns into the same tubs but luckily they are different colours so unless they all turn cello on me I should hopefully be able to refind them again
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    LOL! Ive got a little girl like that, shes such a food hog and looks like she swallowed a marble after eating
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    LMAO love your descriptions. She'll probably turn into a swan. I like the 1st boy too.
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    How awesome. Loving the colours.
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    Love the colour of these guys, can't wait to see the adult pictures!
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    Haha thanks, yeah I was freaking out!! but from now on Im not going to baby them as much as I did, they can have a bit of tough love
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    Woooah hes suddenly sprouted on you! hes looking so good!!
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    Some very lovely colours developing.
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    OK - Closing off this log. Fish are all jarred and growing nicely. Next time anyone sees them will be at a future show and spawn...
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    Naughty daddies. More often than not dads eat eggs that are unfertilised. I always test that theory by removing the male straightaway the next time he spawns. In some cases the eggs have hatched. In one instance I had to conclude the male was shooting blanks. 
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    Ventrals crossed for tails!!! Jarrod
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    27/4/15 24 days today. Fry are eating freshly hatched BBS, ocean nutrition BBS, grated frozen beef heart, grated frozen brine shrimp, freeze dried black worms, chopped live black worms and a bit of dry pellets, there are live plants in the tank for them to pick at if they want. They are starting to show colour under normal light now as opposed to what the camera flash showed up. Some nice yellows, a few bluish and some red or salamander like dad. Pectoral fins on some are very pronounced. Top fin shape different on many of them. More play fighting noticed in the bigger fry, several seem to go after any that come too close so I guess they may be the ones to separate in a few weeks if they continue but at present seems more bluff than menace. Still no more deaths so things are going well but it's still early days and there are still a lot of fry . They are in 100 litre tank filled about 70% at the moment , the tank is a very deep one and I was reluctant to fill it to the top but they are swimming at all levels so seem to cope well with deep water. I have 3 sponge filters running in the tank with a slow to moderate air flow which doesn't worry them. Infact they spend a lot of time picking at the sponge. I think the fact that there are floating plants to break the bubbles and give quiet areas in the tank helps. There is a noticeable size difference between the largest and the smallest now. There is enough food for the small ones to have a chance to feed so I doubt it's a food shortage and I know it's normal to have size difference but it is a big difference.
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    Look at em all!!! And ummm dads pecs are almost as big as his tail.
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    10 wks old 14 in spawn Moved them into a bigger tank today. One in a tub as it's not eating. Male, jarred today
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    Thanks Jaylee- I think that it is best to not let the deformed babies be sold on either. The Gene pool with Australian bred Bettas is not that huge so we really only want the best . i have the same issue when selecting my shrimp but luckily don't have a big problem with them usually poor colour rather than deformities- 1 type that can take extreme temperatures go outside into a pond to live out their days -and I have a tank of culls that just all mix together for the ones that need more stable conditions. The ones in the pond still breed so must be reasonably happy.
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    I also appreciate your photography skills. They never stop long enough for the camera to focus properly. Hundreds of photos for 1 to use!
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    10 wks old Long - 3.2cm Short - 2cm Avg - 2.6cm All happy & growing nicely Spawn count - 15
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    I haven't been able to find a lot of info about the genetic side of the dumbo -probably wouldn't understand a lot either unfortunately- I know you need to watch for asymetrical fin growth -both parents have lovely symetry on their pectorals and the male has quite long fins -they seem to be getting longer but don't impinge on his ability to swim. When I first got him he used to rest on the substrate but he has lots of leaves to rest on if he wants and I haven't seen the resting on the substrate anymore- maybe being in a 30cm cube has given him more space to swim and strengthen his muscles. As he is an import- I didn't import him directly he was on an Australian auction site - I would expect he had previously only been in small containers. 12/4/15 The fry seem to be growing very quickly and are bigger than the size charts I've seen but I can't get them close enough to the front of the tank to get a ruler up against them. I will have to tape a measure on the tank to try and get a proper size but they definately look bigger than 1 week. Tank siphoned and fresh water added. I am still feeding 4 times a day but wonder if I should cut back to 3 or maybe because I like feeding them I might continue the 4 feeds but cut back on the amount they get. Will think about that one! Still no deaths that I can see and they look pretty straight -no noticable defects yet but again probably a little small to be able to see properly.
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    I tell ya what... the work you're doing is pretty inspiring. I think I'm going to have to join this little CTPK project of yours.
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    This is Yobbo. I did a few tank mods.
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    Nothing really valid about my approach - I'm just lazy and it works, but it is a lot slower. More water changes plus regular high protein feds equals faster growing fry - that's been proven time after time. However, having said that, there is a theory floating around that slower grown fry equal longer living Betta. This is taking for granted that at least minimal good fishkeeping practises are maintained, of course (feeding, water changes, general health requirements). Long life has also been attributed to plenty of stimulus for the fish, interaction with both other fish and the keeper - not just during water changes and feeds. So just combine all that in a method that works for you and your situation and you, and your fish, should be fine
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    Love love love their colour at the moment.
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    16 day update. Feeding M/W and BBS Looking for a M/W to snaffle. .7cm long Grazing on M/W both .6cm long Only 5 of this second spawn still going. Noticed one or two floating head down tail up a week ago so started adding water to the tank and added a sponge filter at the same time.
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    That is a very upsetting story. I think the out of date food is most likely the cause. It could happen in any aquarium shop though. Even in our own homes. We buy food. Take longer to use it than we thought and it can go off without us noticing. It's a very sobering story and I think everyone should be wary.
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    I see there is much discussion on growth rates. Water changes, feeding, genetics can all contribute to growth rates. The impossible thing is to be consistent with what you do. Different feeding regimes (both frequency and content) will see a huge difference I would assume. Varying genetics and choices by breeders for pairings will also provide varying growth rates. What is interesting is the varying size between Fry in the same tank, even in a small spawn. I would expect if you selected the largest Fry in the Spawn for breeding the next generation, a line of super growers could be developed. I do realise however this is not practical for exhibition breeders. It may be the 'runt' who eventually grow out to be the best form or color or good finnage, which needs to be used to carry on the line.
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    Hi there, My name is Zena and I'm from Ballarat, Victoria. 3rd Year at FedUni and lover of fish. I bought my Betta last year. He started out i a small 1L tank that the store sold me. He now resides in a 20L tank in my bedroom and he is (and always will be) my favourite. I had a few more over the last year, another betta named Ember, who is now all alone in his 60L semi-planted tank. I've had other fish, a rescued betta named Toothless (who sadly died shortly before I moved), neon and ember tetras (who unfortunately died of something when we first moved). So now I just keep 2 bettas and a snail named Ruffles.
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    Well done. I think you're doing all the right things. The thing about IBC shows is that although something might not fit into the standard doesn't mean the fish can't be shown. We have the variations class where people can show the new strains they're developing. And also the Form and Finnage class where colour isn't looked at.
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    JLM11012015 F3 4 weeks old Long - 1.2cm Short - 0.6cm Avg - 0.9cm
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