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  3. Jeffb

    New member

    Hi, Newish to the fish keeping game. Have 1 spawn of betta at 4 weeks going. Work with snakes. Enjoyed training till I got old. Daughter wanted a betta. I used to keep some, so she got one.....I got 6. Then we bred some and away we go. Cheers.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to this hobby. looking to start with a betta. my fish tank(90x45x35cm) is cycling as of now. If any hobbyists from Melbourne wish to share their care tips(considering colder temps and sudden changes), please help a mate out. I would also like to get in touch with breeders who like to sell their bettas. finally, i hope to get info regarding how to change my fish tank to a community tank as i am planning to add more fish over the course of the time( my betta permitting :D)
  5. Sorry to hear that. It’s hard to know what could have caused that.
  6. I would give him a complete water change immediately. It sounds like a bad reaction to something in his water. Save some old water and take it to an aquarium shop to get tested. They should be able to advise you further. Good luck.
  7. Hi, I would appreciate your urgent help. My betta is not well. He hasn’t been moving around like he usually does since last 3 days. He stays at one place and is clearly struggling. He stays at the bottom of the tank in the same position. He has developed a white pale skin around his neck and his gills are also looking very white. Could you please advise what could be wrong? and how can we treat him.
  8. Hi Betta_Addict Welcome to the forum. You should be able to find a koi or salamander pair pretty easily. There seem to be plenty around.
  9. I especially like kois and salamanders, I've only ever kept plakat, and my fave fin types are spade tail, EE, and double tail. I am currently seeking to get a salamander breeding pair to start attempting to breed. Im hoping for double or spade tail EEs
  10. Hello, I have been in the hobby for a few years and am currently trying to get into breeding. I have 7 tanks, one betta, some platys and some cats along with the tadpoles I'm raising in a separate tank.
  11. What light fixtures uses for a planted tanks?
  12. Guppies are a popular aquarium fish that adds color to a tank. A peaceful and easy to maintain. A great fish for all beginners. ☺️😍 😎❤️ guppies.MP4 Yellow Mosaic.MP4
  13. Hi mate, what do you think about my website? https://microaquaticshop.com.au

  14. Hi There! Please message me if you are interested. I have a java moss for sale here only for 3.5 AUD Java Moss-Vesicularia dubyana Each portion: 5x5cm Java moss is a must have for all freshwater shrimp aquariums. Its many benefits to an aquarium lead to healthy shrimp which means more success when trying to breed shrimp. Java moss is also great for other freshwater tank inhabitants. Please PM me if you are interested. Regards, Wilma
  15. Hi Everyone, this is my Small Bonsai Driftwood Aquarium Tree For Sale only for 74.95 AUD. Please see image attached: Description -Size: 16x20cm ( HxL) -NEW AND MORE DRAMATIC DESIGNS *No moss attached, only the bonsai driftwood alone
  16. New Monkey King Aquarium Decoration For Sale for only 34.99 AUD. Purple Clay Golden Monkey King Aquarium Decoration Features: Ideal for decorating your aquarium all the time with minimum responsibility and maintenance. Offers the natural environment feeling. Non-toxic, environmental protection and not harmful for fishes. It is vividly and color detailed to add a lively and natural life to your tank. Specification Color: As picture is shown Material: Purple Clay Quantity: 1 Pc Please reply here if you are interested. Thank you!
  17. I'm here to share my knowledge on how to set up your aquarium, to achieve the finest piece of art.
  18. Luis

    New Here

    I am currently breeding white and blue. Both solid
  19. Luis

    New Here

    Hi I'm new here my interest is bettas un general.
  20. Griff

    G’day to all.

    Yes I got my rainbow fish from livefish , unfortunately because of the drought been busy hand feeding, so not had the time to do to much with the tank. But rainbows are really hard to find in nsw.
  21. Welcome BettaGalore. Great to have a scientist in the group.
  22. Rainbow tank would be awesome. There are a few shops that will send fish and plants to you in the mail. You want to go with the really experienced ones. Allfish2u is in Kingswood NSW. They do a lot of shipping.
  23. Hi Jessy, Welcome. Yeah 2 litres is pretty small. A lot of breeders do use small containers but they have the experience manage water quality and detect problems early. I usually use small containers when I'm breeding but my current spawn doesn't have many males and I managed to fit them all into slightly larger 6 L containers. This allows me to have more time in between water changes. What I'm saying is that the shop assistant didn't give you the full story (they may not have known better). I suspect your female is cold. Small containers generally don't have room for a heater. So unless you're keeping it in a warm room (24-26 deg C), this is likely to be the problem. Even in summer, the overnight temperatures could be a lot lower than ideal. You should check her carefully to make sure she hasn't caught velvet. This will look like a fine yellowish-gold dust. It can be difficult to see depending on the colour of the fish. My recommendation is that you get a larger tank, say around the 20 L mark. This will have room for a heater and filter, and you can even add a couple of companion fish. But don't add any other fish until you are happy this one has settled down. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  24. Griff

    G’day to all.

    G’day to all. Apologies for the long absence. Unfortunately after Xmas had a few things go on. Yes tank is up and running. No never went for cichlids, a few reason but the biggest being, I live in country NSW and we just don’t have good suppliers for a big verity of fish. But i did put some new rainbows in and a few albino suckers, also clown Loaches. Also a few kuhli loaches, not that you see to much of them. Plants I still have to add. I will say not a fan of the hang on filter, so going back to canister one.
  25. BettaGalore


    Hi! I found your forum via a Google search for Betta breeding charts (looking for a template for tracking pairs and breedings, etc). Was hoping to not reinvent the wheel. I am a female, advanced, hobbyist breeder (18 tanks and still expanding) with a degree in Marine Biology (but went on to work in a completely separate scientific field...that genetics is still an important part of) coming back to the hobby after a long hiatus. Located in Washington state, USA, near the "famous" Aquarium Co-Op. Hoping to learn from the significant advances in the knowledge of Betta genetics made during my absence, thanks to the power of the internet. I currently have 2 successful spawns and while I do not claim any expertise in the currently available lines, I am a quick study and hope to be producing show-quality Betta in the near future. Luckily, I already know most of the basic husbandry and breeding tricks, which make the process easier. Hope to learn from you soon!
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