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  3. Tfong


    Hi! I’m an amateur and currently have a betta in a planted Fluval Spec V. Hoping to gain some fish keeping knowledge from this forum. Thanks!
  4. I am newbie who has just entered the world of betta fish, please teach me to study it in deeper and more detail
  5. Dewoajip


    Want to know if I cross my male plakat patterned copper with female CT black orchid, what would be the result ?
  6. kd0603

    new member

    had fish for 35 plus years discus for 15 to 20 of them til time and kids threw a spanner in that bucket now i have killis, l numbers , a few natives in ponds and a community tank to keep the wife happy with so called prerty fish
  7. Yay, I plan on buying a betta barracks if I can find one that will be delivered to west Qld.
  8. Tegantnt


    Morning, Newbie to the forums. Just want to get a feel of the Betta barracks world. Love them ! From west Qld. Have 5 bettas. Tank of Oscars and cichlids. Another of just cichlids. Community tanks are my thing. Hope to enjoy the site I guess hahaha
  9. Hi all. I live on the Central Coast of NSW and have been in the Hobby for a bit over 25 years. I started out with a mixed STH American Chiclid aquarium and have since tried most other locations. I think i peaked a few years ago with a 200Gal High Tech Planted Discus tank but this burnt me out. Have always had tanks but the last few years it was back to basics and only kept 1 Tanganyika 4 foot and another 4 foot with Rainbows. In the last year or so i have really taken a liking to Nano tanks and their inhabitants and currently have 3 Nano tanks a 3 foot Bookshelf that i keep a pair of Betta Imbellis 1 High tech cube that has a solo Female Elephant Ear Betta and a small 60long with a colony of Multi's. I plan on getting more seriously into Breeding Wild Bettas and Killifish in the future.
  10. Hi, I am an aquarium enthusiast and also have a very very large pond that I'm hoping to source a Chinese high-fin banded shark for to help with algae control. Any recommendations on where to buy in Australia would be appreciated
  11. Brock

    New member

    Currently have a tank with a betta some neon tetras a bristlenosed pleco and snails (unknown species came on a plant)
  12. Hi team fishy! I am setting up a new aquarium- filter, tank, lights and want to get the right equipment to set up a 50ish litre aquascaped aquarium initially for goldfish. I have experience with freshwater and tropical fish so know how important it is to get it right from the start beginning with quality equipment. I've read some reviews about aquaone gear that havent been favourable and would prefer to start with gear that will last like eheim. If there is a thread on this subject already I would be grateful if you could point me to it. So many thanks in advance, I look forward to be in awe of all your tanks when I scroll through the photos! 🙏
  13. Smorgon

    Hi guys!

    I just found this forum and thought it interesting to look through the member posts about fish keeping. I love the hobby with a couple tank racks in my shed and always looking to chat with likeminded fish keepers.
  14. Have tried everything, the cloudy eye keeps coming back By everything I mean even voodoo dolls, no, just joking. Garlic soaked feeding, antibiotics, pristine water, water changes, catappa leaves... the thing comes and goes as in clears and comes back This Betta otherwise looks absolutely normal. I absolutely adore it. He knows to wait until I make his food sink. which is how I have been feeding him because on the surface he misses it. So he waits for me to sink his feed. Highly intelligent beautiful cobalt blue with a few scales covering his eyes. Was not for this dam eye cloud Today I have introduced a "ready to go" female in his tank and he was absolutely gorgeous as he courted that babe. ANY insights would be highly appreciated Thank you all in advance
  15. RoopG

    New Member

    Hi I am a beginner fish keeper. Have had 2 tanks so far both during my time in South Africa. Since I now call Australia home setting up a new 55g freshwater tank with plans for some amazing aquascaping and a community angel tank or discus tank, still debating that.... Looking to connect with local fishkeepers and breeders in Sydney, very interested to talk to members who swap fish or can help out with some healthy and well bred stock. Cheers Rg
  16. Welcome Akrosfer. Good luck with the breeding efforts.
  17. Hello. We have two couples of mature bettas in our home. We could meet their needs to have betta fry twice and now we want to improve the process to have more qualified bettas. We would like to have access to the info in your forum. Thank you for your kindness.
  18. Hi everyone. I’m a beginner fish keeper, and have been learning by going through Facebook aquarium groups, and eventually stumbled across this forum. Unfortunately I was one of those people who thought/was told that bettas only need small tanks. Thankfully I knew that they had to have heaters and filters. Currently my betta (Master Barty) is in a 7 litre planted tank, however he’s about to get a upgrade!!! His 7L is going to house some shrimp, but I don’t know where to put him. I have a 21L tank that has 7 neon tetras, 6 guppies, 3 panda corries, a single loach and I’m guessing about 15 cherry shrimp. I also have a 60L tank that I have started cycling today, with no live stock in it (will not put stock in until lit has fully cycled) Now I’m wondering if I should put master Barty in the smaller tank by himself, or in the larger one with some other fish, or even put him in the bigger tank with some of the fish from the 21L ? 🤯🤯🤯 He is my favorite fish by far, and the larger tank is in a more central location where I would look at that tank more, I don’t know what to do 🤷‍♀️ what would you do? If I do put him in the 60L tank, what tank mates should I put with him, and how do I safely do this? Float in a bag of water and air like the fish shop and then watch for a bit? Thanks if you managed to get this far! Pictures of each of the tanks 😊 And the biggest tank will be planted heaps more, just awaiting more plants to be delivered.
  19. Hi! The Facebook group for this forum came up while I was looking for some information about fishkeeping in groups on Facebook. I have 3 tanks (largest one is cycling atm), and am looking for advice on what livestock to put in which tank, and how to move them safely from one tank to another. I also need help with some lighting for a nano tank! Hope I can be approved, so I can start learning and ask questions in the appropriate board. Thanks! May good health find you and your fish!
  20. Hi all, I'm just curious if anyone has had yabbies and goldfish together. I currently have 4 goldfish, a beta fish and two yabbies, ( did have three. ) But one of the yabbies are completely physco! It attacked the smaller one and killed it, attacks the huge ass yabby (3x the size), attacks the fish. I've actually had to move it into our other tank as it almost killed our big goldfish. I know it's not guaranteed to live with other species, but the big yabbie will let the fish touch him and doesnt have a problem. This one just attacks everything.
  21. Hi, I have an Albino Cory that I noticed this morning has a lump under it and is swimming around erratically and kinda madly. The tank has 3 Cardinal Tetras as well. I took the video just prior to posting. I have added some Melafix in appropriate quantities too. I’m mostly wondering if my housemate and I have been feeding it too much. It’s likely getting one algae wafer a day..... I have read things on other international fish forums about shelled peas..... Any advice would be much appreciated! Levels yesterday: pH: 7-7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 40-80 (I added some Refresh to hopefully help with this) Thanks Shannon 487B40BB-6418-420D-A861-4B8FDD83FEAD.MOV
  22. 👋 My house mate was given a small aquarium and a few fish and I’ve been helping look after them over the past few months. I have grown quite attached so have bought a bigger tank, and am nearly ready to add fish to it. Have been following advice from an awesome staff member at my local Pet Barn and using ‘Setting up a tropical aquarium: week by week’ by Stuart Thraves from my local library, trying to get my head around the nitrogen cycle! We had two Corys, one I had to euthanise due to it losing all its fins and having air bladder issues and not improving after three weeks of treatment. Now the other Cory is bloated and swimming madly, so here I am! Once approved I’ll post full details and a video in the appropriate area. Thanks 🙂 Shannon
  23. Hi everyone. My names Nathan and I live in the Adelaide Hills, im 32 years old and enjoy Nature, exercise and now aquariums... I got gifted an approx 125L Tank and restored the stand it was on/made like new. The got a few bargains and a gift or two. Obviously had to buy some full priced stuff as well. My fish I got are Lambardi(?) Cichlids and also Convict Cichlids. I have a couple electric yellows and (if they're not yet eaten 😕 ) a couple baby catfish. I will post a few pictures/vids of the process and my aquarium perhaps. I got my fish off a lovely lady on gumtree. They are small. Im also seeking advice on sexing them a little more (although if think ive worked it out) some are still too small to tell. What id also like to add is that in regards to the females, would anyone be keen perhaps on taking them? As I don't want to or have the capacity to breed fish. They're is so far to give away approx 1 electric, perhaps two peachy convicts and one Lambaradi (as I believe the rest are males with spots)... Time will tell but id rather they went to someone Cheers for the forum and also sorry for the lengthy intro.
  24. Dan

    Betta Mama

    Thank you. I've been told that he may live for some time with it but it's growing pretty quickly, so I'm not sure how much time I have left with Jerome. I've stopped treating him for velvet and I'm just going to let him live for the moment 😔💕
  25. Bettarazzi

    Betta Mama

    Hi Dan. Welcome. Those tumours are common on metallic bettas. I’ve not had much luck curing them however I’ve had bettas live quite a while with similar tumours. I can’t see the rust you’re referring to. Velvet has a rusty appearance. If it is velvet then treat with half teaspoon salt per 10 litres of water, turn off the lights and cover the tank to block out light.
  26. Does my guy look like he has velvet? 🤔
  27. Dan

    Betta Mama

    VID_277600428_042911_307.mp4 Hello! I live in Brisbane with my Betta, Jerome, cat Opal and dog Bounder. I also have a husband who is reasonably more self-sufficient 😂 unless he needs to find something... I'm here because Jerome looked like he had a tumour and he was a little rusty under his chin? 🤔 I'm on my 2nd dose of Multi Cure and whilst his tank is nice and green his tumour hasn't popped? Like I was hoping and he's still a bit rusty. I'm not even sure that rust wasn't there when I got him. I'm not an expert, I've Googled a lot. He lives in a 20L tank with a mussel called Mike and some amazon swords, java ferns and anubias. Currently he's living in darkness with his tank at a refreshing 32 degrees celcius. He has a powkoo filter which is giving some aeration. He's lively and eating fine. So I'm here to copy and paste this onto the correct thread when I'm approved (if I'm approved) 😂 Thanks, Dan(ielle) Jerome below ❤️ VID_277600428_042911_307.mp4
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