1. jo oakley

    It a week since Raelene Bennett and I had our big adventurer with the horse and ponies :-) My new pony Arnie is a big hit with Stella. Giving Hadley the break that he needs, Stella likes to push him around a bit too much. I hopped on Arnie for the first time(very short ride), Very pleased with him!! moved from my leg and had some idea about turns and did nothing when Stella knocked over something in the feed shed lol.

  2. detour

    angrier then a sun burnt toad lost in the dessert

  3. BabyDragonz

    Wow been a long time! Good to be back though ^^

    1. maddzvk

      welcome back :)

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    2. BabyDragonz

      Thanks :D

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  4. maddzvk

    3 for 3 this weekend. now eggs....please become tails and swimmers please :)

    1. maddzvk

      only two to freeswimming ah well better than none :P

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  5. Hazell

    Sheesh! I haven't been on here for a year+ Whoops! Well I'm back, and I have a better setup shall be breeding bettas again soon!

    1. maddzvk

      awesome what kind :)

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    [sYD] WTB peacock cichlids - pm me thx..

  7. Hehecherie

    Guess whos' back..? Back again ! :)

    1. maddzvk

      cherie's back. tell a friend ;)

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  8. maddzvk » Brenton


    1. maddzvk

      wheres that sweet as chart that had the fish pictures and genetics/colour descriptions

      eg yellows, blacks,blues grouped together with things like metallic modifiers, dragoning, opaques etc added in steps ....

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  9. maddzvk

    7 fancy spawns on the go plus wilds :) 2014 and breeedig mojo is go

  10. maddzvk

    first spawn of 2014 already!!! come at us 2014 show year :P

    1. detour

      wtg ! wishing you luck for the year :).

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    2. maddzvk

      boy was stupid. ate the eggs ah well we have 4 fancy spawns growing out plus the wilds :)

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  11. Neffy

    Hahaha guess who left the blackworms out in a 40°c !! ewwwww

    1. MissM!

      Eeewwwwwww is right!

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    2. maddzvk


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  12. Neffy

    Whole lotta egg dropping not any spawning this weekend Doh!

    1. maddzvk

      stooopid feeesh

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  13. maddzvk » Wild Nut

    james told me off for not saying ahppy birthday when we saw you yesterday so ill say it today

    1. maddzvk


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  14. maddzvk

    slowly building up wilds... feels a bit like pokemon! gotta catch em all!!!

    1. Neffy

      Im starting to get the wild bug after seing ur persephone, then i was looking at all other types i could "catch" as well haha

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    2. maddzvk

      its contagious i swear. and you think you dont like one species and then a few months later you turn into a cooing idiot over the same fish :P

      even ness said shed go som taeniata possibly (simplex/picta complex)

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    3. maddzvk

      ashs persephone photos are also stunning youll see what i mean about them looking a lovely dark green colour vs blue in person

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  15. MissM!

    Plakats..... Plakats are on my mind :)

  16. redsnow

    Noooo! droped one of the betta I just bought from Aquabid down the sink drain >.

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    2. Anasfire

      Undo the s bend in the drain, as long as you haven't flushed any more water down that drain it may still be in the s bend.

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    3. Bettarazzi

      Did you manage to retrieve it? I did this once and managed to get the girl back.

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    4. redsnow

      unfortunately no,I was afraid to undo the s bend, as it might cause more unnecessary damage. It's was a black female.

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  17. Neffy

    That took awhile but all broken links in my signature have been updated :P

  18. forever_and_a_day » Sarah

    happy birthday!

    1. Sarah


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  19. Brenton » jodie.lonergan

    Happy Birthday! :)

  20. kermadum

    Finally getting to set up my only remaining fish tank. No fish yet, just plants, but I'm excited. Fish in a few weeks I hope.

    1. melbournebetta

      What flavor of fish? So happy to hear you're back in the game!

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  21. forever_and_a_day » afr3178

    happy birthday adam!

  22. FlamyHeavens

    Swordtails gave birth to fry today; wasn't there at the time.... 1 survivor left :L