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  1. Krystie added a post in a topic: Half moons, half thumb dorsals, high/super high dorsals   

    Thanks, and yes you are right, the info is extremely hard to find. I wonder if it's vague because these variations aren't IFGA standards and so there's possibly no set standards anywhere :/
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  2. Krystie added a post in a topic: Half moons, half thumb dorsals, high/super high dorsals   

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the technical definitions of Half moons, half thumb dorsals, high/super high dorsals?

    I have a trio of Moscow Blue HTD's, and a trio of Platinum Red Mosaic half moons, but I'd like to know exactly what specifications are required to give them those titles.. For example, how long does a dorsal fin have to be (in ratio to the body) to be classed as HTD?

    I know with Betta a half moon has to have the 180 degree tail, and I believe the edge has to be straight, but it doesn't appear that guppies require the straight edges to be classed as half moon.
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  3. Krystie added a post in a topic: Sponge filter comparisons   

    Thanks everyone. You've all been a great help
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  4. Krystie added a post in a topic: Anubias above water level   

    I have a number of Anubias plants attacked to driftwood that are currently suffering from an algae outbreak in my community tank. I think I recall reading that Anubias can survive (and thrive) with the leaves above water level as long as their roots are submerged. If I was to do this would the algae all die from the plant leaves? I believe a couple have black beard algae which I know is terribly hard to get rid of, so I'm hoping this could be an easy fix. I was thinking to put the plants into a tub with their leaves above the water, and then put them in the garage for a few days where they would get minimal light (and bring them out before the actual plant starves). Thoughts?

    Of course, to make things harder I think my corydoras have put eggs on the driftwood, lol.
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  5. Krystie added a post in a topic: Sponge filter comparisons   

    I've got a few tanks with trickle filters, and another couple of tanks that I am looking at putting sponge filters in. I breed fancy guppies and I've found they don't like strong currents due to the size of their tails and the effort to swim added by the current. I got an aquaOne sponge filter that seems like it will be suitable. They are fairly cheap, but as I'm wanting to get a few more tanks, keeping the costs as low as possible is important to me. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with cheap brands from ebay like this one?

    Also, when using sponge filters do I have to be careful how much water remove at each water change so as not to dilute the biological process?
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  6. Krystie added a post in a topic: How soon can you move fry?   

    I know that this is an old post, but just in case any one else has the same question I thought I'd write my experience. I tend to start transferring fry from about 5-6 weeks of age as I am able to determine sex (as I keep the sexes separate). They are big enough at that age not to be eaten by guppy adults, although I won't let them into my community tank because there are some silver shark that would have them for dinner.
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