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  1. shadoh added a post in a topic: Getting back into wilds   

    Well...this post aged 
    (no wilds)
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  2. shadoh added a post in a topic: Getting back into wilds   

    Edithae are a nice species. ​
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  3. shadoh added a post in a topic: Red BF VT x Red Show Plakat   

    Male is my Red BF VT that won 1st place in the VT class in the BBB Show in September
    Female was bred by me from this spawn. She is the sister of the female used in my Koi spawn. She has a nice broad dorsal that I hope to pass on to the offspring.
    Introduced - 5th November
    Spawned - 6th November
    Hatched - 7th November
    Free Swimming - 8th November
    Female removed 6th November
    Male removed 8th November
    First food - Microworms Fed 4 times a day from 8th November

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  4. shadoh added a post in a topic: Koi PK x Red Show PK   

    1st feed of BBS tonight!
    Found some slightly bigger fry (12) in a waste water bucket. One of my assumed failed spawns that I removed and stripped the tanks down on must have actually bred.  I am hoping it is my Steel Blue HM pair.  I have put them in with this spawn.  I'll update their progress here until I can identify who they are...

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  5. shadoh added a post in a topic: Koi PK x Red Show PK   

    This is a spawn I waited a couple of months to do.  Male is a Koi I either picked up at the Vic Betta show, or the BBB show  auctions (I purchased one at each.) The female is a young red female from my July spawn (Marble x Orange Show PKs). The females matured faster than the males and have turned out to be good breeders.

    Introduced - Friday 30th October
    Spawned Tuesday - 2nd November
    Hatched - Wednesday - 3rd November
    Free Swimming - Thursday 4th November

    First Foods - MW 4 times a day
    Starting BBS Hatchery Saturday - 6th November
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  6. shadoh added a post in a topic: Marble Show Plakat x Orange Show Plakat   

    OK - Closing off this log.  Fish are all jarred and growing nicely.  Next time anyone sees them will be at a future show and spawn...

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  7. shadoh added a post in a topic: Marble Show Plakat x Orange Show Plakat   

    18 jarred so far
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  8. shadoh added a post in a topic: Marble Show Plakat x Orange Show Plakat   

    Just a quick uplate. Ready to start jarring:

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  9. shadoh added a post in a topic: Marble Show Plakat x Orange Show Plakat   

    7 Weeks old now!

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  10. shadoh added a post in a topic: JLM26082015 F1   

    Ooh...filling out nicely! Great macro shots

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  11. shadoh added a post in a topic: Marble x Solid   

    Results of mine so far (7 weeks) are similar - a lot of solids, some bicolours and a lot with black banding to their fins (too thin to refer as butterfly)
    no cellophane and no marble to speak of.
    Will see whether the marbling will kick in after a few more weeks

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  12. shadoh added a post in a topic: 2015 BBB District 3 Show September 26 - 27   

    Entry forms are now online.  I have included Class Lists, Show Info and MAP info for your convenience.  Don't forget - District 3 (QLD) Entries open Tomorrow (7th September), Entries for other Districts open 14th September.  *ALL ENTRIES DUE BY MONDAY 21st SEPTEMBER*  Space  for this show is limited to 100 fish, so the early betta gets the worm...
    Entry Pack (includes Entry Form, Class List, Show Info, MAP Info)
    Show Info Only:!show-information/c16be
    Class List Only:!class-list/cses
    RSVP For Seminars:!rsvp/c1r3y

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  13. shadoh added a post in a topic: JLM26082015 F1   


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  14. shadoh added a post in a topic: Marble Show Plakat x Orange Show Plakat   

    Some observations from the week - The Yellows are starting to turn black. I will be interested in see how they develop.  A couple of the oranges are getting their full colour (ie- losing their juvie stripes).  Individuals can now been spotted in the mix  I love this part of their development!


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  15. shadoh added a post in a topic: Started conditioning   

    I have some lonely hearts in my fishroom needing good quality partners - I'll be buying up

    ...not long till Melbourne now!
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About Me

I have alway had a betta as long as I can remember. I started attempting to breed them back in the early 90's when Crowntails were the newest and fanciest betta variation you could buy in Australia.

Fast forward 20 years and I am still breeding these interesting little fish and improving on my technique and learning with each spawn.

With the help from people on forums like AusAqua, and the internet in general, never has this kind of information been available to a new hobbyist :)

Status Feed

  1. shadoh » forever_and_a_day

    Don't apologise. Looks like my crazy taste of music has rubbed

  2. forever_and_a_day » shadoh

    ahaha sorry, it just sounds very much like something you would add as background music! XD

  3. shadoh » forever_and_a_day

    i have to ask - did you have any part in choosing the music for the show entrant vids being uploaded to someone's channel?

    Ummm... no... *Heads over to Jodis Channel....

  4. forever_and_a_day » shadoh

    i have to ask - did you have any part in choosing the music for the show entrant vids being uploaded to someone's channel?

  5. shadoh

    Finally got my betta breeding mojo back!!!!!!!!

    1. DenningA.Rajit

      Congrats! Can't wait for update and photos of new spawns.

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  6. shadoh

    Yes! My Copper Marble HMPKs have wrapped today! Can't wait to see what they produce ;)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. shadoh

      3 spawns down. A couple more to go to complete the breeding season!

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    3. les

      Well done. whats next on the list?? Please say orange or yellow

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    4. shadoh

      Oranges (HMPKs) have spawned. Got about 20 3 week old fry. Thinking about putting the male over an orange dragon HM female...

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  7. shadoh

    AHHH! Columnaris has reared it's ugly head x-x

    1. forever_and_a_day

      ewwww :'{

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    2. les

      Shizza! I hope its not in the spawn tanks



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    3. shadoh

      It was my new Orange HMPK female after I pulled her out of the spawn tank (and the male ate 90%of the eggs) she seems to be responding to treatment and male showing no signs of disease :)

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  8. shadoh

    2012 is literally ending with a bang in my fishroom. Orange HMPK pair are currently wrapping. Copper Marble HMPK pair are circling under their nest and I'm about to set up my Copper Red DTPK male with a Red DTHM female. 2013 looks to be a busy, rewarding year on the Betta front for me... Happy New Year everyone! Jarrod

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. forever_and_a_day

      great to hear your year end on a high note :D

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    3. plakathunter123

      sounds great jarrod let me know when u have any of the DTPK for sale:}

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    4. plakathunter123

      sounds great jarrod let me know when u have any of the DTPK for sale:}

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  9. shadoh

    Why can't I be strong enough not to buy whenever I go to Fishchicks?

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    2. Wild Nut

      Haha I would be flat-broke if I lived anywhere near that shop. Then again, I'm still broke and I live halfway across the country!

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    3. CNgo2006

      Easy fix just don't go!It's like an addiction.

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    4. shadoh

      Can't not go! A)I work there (I think I took the job to just to pay for my addiction); B)Betta Australis meets virtually next door; C)I had to go there to pick up some club related stuff and drop off a new sample logo for the shop...

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  10. shadoh » Anasfire

    Happy Birthday Cassi. We miss seeing you around the forum :)

  11. shadoh » Sara_01

    Happy Birthday Sara!

  12. shadoh

    Jarred up Busman's fish to take home and she dropped a bellyful of eggs! Grrr...

  13. shadoh » monroe1

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day :)

  14. shadoh » mandz

    Happy Birthday!!!

  15. shadoh » Sarah

    Haha! Thanks Sarah :D

  16. Sarah » shadoh

    Hhhaaapppyyyyy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dearrr Jarrrrooooddddd... happy birthday to you!

  17. shadoh

    A friend came to visit with his new girlfriend last night. He called the visit to an end after seeing the look on my face after his new girlfriend commented that only bogans kept fighter fish....

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    2. Sarah

      But can bogans care, breed and raise them to their full potential like you do?

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    3. shadoh

      The visit was already on a downhill slide when she got out of the car, looked around the street and commented that it all looked so...."suburban"

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    4. mumofthehoarde

      Stuck up cow!

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  18. shadoh » Fishchick

    Happy Birthday someone! Have a great day...

  19. shadoh

    The giants are coming... :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. shadoh

      Pacing back and forth waiting for the giants... I can't contain myself :)

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    3. monroe1

      Giant short fins? Or dumbo's? Can you get giant females?? I've been searching for quite a while now :/

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    4. shadoh

      Giant short fins. I have Dumbos already - wont breed 4 me :( I got my giant pair from jha. Check out his ad in the classifieds. He ships too :D

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  20. shadoh

    Lemon Meringues in the spawn tank :)

  21. shadoh

    Thinking about giving the big ears pair another round in the spawn tank...

    1. DenningA.Rajit

      Hey shadoh, I'm thinking of giving the big ears pair a go. First time with this pair. I was just wondering if I paired the male big ears PK with a female Halfmoon, will it produce long fin half moon or will it produce more PK HM. Just curious cos I am having problems spawning my other breeding pairs I have here.

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    2. shadoh

      Hey drajit82, you'll get all long fin because long fin is dominant. They'll all carry PK so if you breed the offspring you'll get 25% HMPK, 25% pure HM and 50% HM carrying HMPK. good luck...

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  22. shadoh » little_troppo

    Happy Birthday!!

    Have a great day :)

  23. Rhysmachine101 » shadoh

    Hey shadoh, some nice looking fish you have there!

    I'm in Ballarat, Victoria; postcode 3350.

    I would like to purchase 2 of your lovely females( Black DrHMPK).

    Tried to send a PM- no go there.

    Let me know how much for postage, was it $10 per female?

    Also, let me know how I can pay you! :)

    Thanks so much!


  24. shadoh

    Yay! Got work done, passed my annual review and had my contract renewed for another 12 mths. On top of that, I survived a 1 on 1 2hr meeting with my boss and another 1 hr meeting with my boss and co-worker. So happy, I'm taking the afternoon off to rest, drink G&T's and pass

    1. little_troppo

      What do you do for work?

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    2. shadoh

      I'm a medical illustrator (I create cool animations and 3D illustrations for medical textbooks and drug companies)

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