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  1. killimike added a post in a topic: New killifsh available   

    I have called bayfish, but alas we have to go through a retailer to actually get the fish themselves :-(

    I agree, they are great as a display fish. Hopefully we can produce them in some numbers so more people can enjoy them like that :)
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  2. killimike added a post in a topic: New killifsh available   

    I don't think Bayfish would be too impressed either, they may have trouble shifting those last few males!

    I am stoked that Bay has gotten German killies in several times this year tho Let's hope they keep it up in 2011!!
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  3. killimike added a post in a topic: New killifsh available   

    The females seem to have disappeared by Saturday or Sunday, except for one that was on hold yesterday.
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  4. killimike added a post in a topic: New killifsh available   

    Just to make sure I catch everyone who might be interested, I am planning an order of these fish for interested people in Sydney.

    Due to the small numbers of these fish imported, we're having to do it in a hurry. But for those interested, please contact me tonight either PM, email or phone on 0425 312 347 for details.

    If all goes to plan, I'll place the order tmw morning and we'll have the fish by Friday!
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  5. killimike added a post in a topic: SBG - upcoming dates   

    As some of you guys know, the native fish group ANGFA had a field trip up at Cairns recently, and I was lucky enough to be able to make it. I will be giving a really informal presentation on the trip at the meeting Saturday. It'll probably just consist of looking through the photos from the trip and chatting about whatever interests people. So I dunno if that prospect is an incentive or disincentive to come, but there you have it!

    I look forward to catching up with as many of you as are able to make it :)
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  6. killimike added a post in a topic: Koi Show   

    Be there or be . . . elsewhere :)
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  7. killimike added a post in a topic: I couldnt help myself.. :)   

    I would definitely say a boy, and a nice wild type, in finnage and colour. Good find!
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  8. killimike added a post in a topic: Brineshrimp eggs   

    Congrats on the babies! All thousands of them :)
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  9. killimike added a post in a topic: Brineshrimp eggs   

    That would be freezing them in our fridge! :)
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  10. killimike added a post in a topic: OMG OMG my first spawn im sooo excited :)   

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  11. killimike added a post in a topic: SBG - upcoming dates   

    Yay! Great that you guys can make it.

    I think the raffle wouldn't normally take place till around 4pm or so, and I'm sure we can make sure it's so :D
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  12. killimike added a post in a topic: Brineshrimp eggs   

    Ooh, good point! I transferred my eggs to a glass Moccona jar.
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  13. killimike added a post in a topic: SBG - upcoming dates   

    Yan, plants will be fine in a small airtight container or bag, if you are at all worried you can put a few mils of water in w them to make sure they don't dry out.

    Looking forward to the lilies! :D
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  14. killimike added a post in a topic: Brineshrimp eggs   

    I would put the whole tin in the freezer, but put a week or two's worth in another small airtight container and put these in the fridge or in a cool place near your bss hatching setup. This saves opening the tin too often, and each time letting in air and moisture. I'm not sure that the lid on the tin provides a great seal, maybe a different container would be better.
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  15. killimike added a post in a topic: Protozin dose confusion   

    Velvet and whitespot are not the same organism too, some of the info given was for whitespot, when originally velvet was the topic of discussion.

    I don't think it impossible that pathogenic organisms are present in tapwater, but I doubt it's a factor in most infections. Many of us have had the experience of outbreaks occurring where no waterchange or cross-contamination has occurred. It might be true that some of these organisms do not have a dormant stage, but whether this is the case or not, a dormant stage is not necessary for an outbreak to occur without anything being added to the tank. A very low background level of infection with these parasites could be the norm, so low as to be non-symptomatic. But if stress occurs, as Lilli says, it's a story as old as fish keeping, the parasites have a higher success rate due to reduced immunity and -bang- symptomatic infection.

    Treatment is the number one thing for Tesla! Copper based medications have long been recommended for velvet, among which Protozin is an excellent choice (Just so that we aren't seen as relentlessly plugging one product, another might be Cupramine )

    I think ppl have also answered re the small dose issue, but I will offer my work arounds too FWIW:

    One is hardly complicated, many chemists will sell 2ml syringes which might have gradations small enough to be of use. Some may sell smaller, but you might need a medical supply place, or to get them from your vet.

    Another option is drop counting, there are supposed to be about 20-25 drops a ml for liquids of a similar viscosity to water. This is only approximate tho.

    Third is to reduce the concentration of the medication you are using until the volume you need to measure out is big enough to do so accurately. So instead of needing 0.2 ml, if you took say 5ml of medication, then diluted it with 4 times it's volume of water, you would now have a solution which is five times weaker. So you would need 1ml to get as much of the active ingredients as was originally in 0.2 ml. This is an option I use.

    Here's hoping that our discussions have been of some help to you, and that Tesla is on the mend already!
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