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  1. fighter boy added a post in a topic: My First Spawn...   

    Sounds like you have skipped the whole micro worm first foods lol. If they are eating bbs with no problems then leave it as it is. Or you could alternate during feeds incase the smallies cannot properly eat the bbs. Good job and cant wait until they grow out
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  2. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Teal/Copper HMPK   

    im in love. not much i can fault on him that hasnt already been covered. be proud of him is all i can say on the matter.
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  3. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Next Melbourne Betta Gathering   

    im making it to this one definatley...
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  4. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Need help with spawning   

    How long have they been in there and how did you go about conditioning them prior to attempted spawn?
    Also i might add that what you are describing sounds like common pre spawning activity and i would not be too worried. It truelly is a love hate relationship with Betta and the female if not both fish will end up with some damage because of it.

    Be sure to give her lots of hiding places and keep an eye on them.
    If it seems that they are being too aggressive to one another than seperate and try again in a week.
    Go with your gut instinct and you cant go wrong.
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  5. fighter boy added a post in a topic: :( sigh   

    if they have a heart then im sure it is definatley a possibility.
    Im sorry to hear of your loss.
    What type of fish was it?
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  6. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Purple HMPK Green HMPK   

    My god. I want the first one!
    Absolutley stunning.
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  7. fighter boy added a post in a topic: what about gold fish in a tropical tank?   

    They do best in cooler water but will do well in temperatures upto 20c.
    It does shorten their life span plus unless you have a monster tank for some goldfish then they are best left in ponds. By keeping them in a confined space such as a tank you are stunting their growth. When this occurs They may appear to stop growing externally but their internal organ continue to grow until cardiac arrest.
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  8. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Bristlenose change colour   

    brisltenose have been known to change their colouration for no apparant reason. If they are eating well and alive then dont worry too much. Mine do it also.
    They can change colour at will. Mood or health does not play a factor.
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  9. fighter boy added a post in a topic: They always come when you least expect it...   

    look for whih fish is missing its gravid spot behind the belly.

    A young female will not have a huge batch. Batch size depends further on age and number of batches prior to the current one.

    Congrats on the fry. I would suggest just feeding ground flake and finley chopped blood worm instead of egg yolk. It is messy and if used then use it sparingly. Even better if you could get some micro worm to feed for the first week or some grindal worm.

    another note on identifying the female that gae birth. Even if you wait for the fry to grow and in hope they turn out like the female you suspect. There is no definate way to be sure as im considering that these guppies are mutts and cross bred?

    If so then there will be no way possinle to identify the parents. Females can store sperm cells from a single male in one sitting for the next 5 - 7 births. The father could be a male back at the pet shop for all you know.

    congrats again and when they grow up ill be looing for some.

    take care.
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  10. fighter boy added a post in a topic: A rather ordinary male guppy pic   

    loks to be a cobra male. Of course it probebly is a cross breed of something else but the cobra patterning is definately there.

    I first started with these guys as well. many years ago. beautiful specimen.
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  11. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Ideas on community tank?   

    Platies, sword tails and mollies are live bearers just like guppies. They are all easy breeders.
    Corydoras are slightly more challenging. Bristlenose are easy. Pakistani loaches are difficult.
    gourami are bred just like Betta with the use of a bubble nest.

    I would use these fish in a community tank together but if breeding guppies or any of the other, i would keep species only tanks with guppies in their own tank reeding and vice versa.

    Where abouts are you from?
    If you are near me then ill definatley get some guppies of you in future.
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  12. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Ideas on community tank?   

    As fr as fish with your guppies in the community tank. I would suggest some
    Corydora catfish
    Pakistani loaches
    Flying fix (Siamese algea eater)
    Sword tails
    Dwarf gourami

    These are just some of the more basic community fish for you to think about. Considering your only just starting up again its best to keep it simple.

    Plants that i would suggest for a simple low light aquarium
    Java moss
    Java fern
    Amazon swords
    Banana lilly
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  13. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Plants for n00bs and co2 questions   

    id be able to give you some cheap java moss, java fern and some duck weed if you wanted to drive over.
    Im in springvale south, 3172

    Java moss and fern are by far the easiest plants to care for. Simply put them into your tank and off you go.
    You can attach java moss and fern to wood and rocks which look nice once grown in. You can also make a moss wall or lawn using java moss and some plastic mesh.

    If this is your first time using plants in aquatics then id suggest you skip c02 for now. It is not needed for java fern and the likes. These are all low light plants and grow well enough without the aid of c02 injection.
    Also another plus would be that your fish will not eat your java fern as it has an acidic taste to it that many fish do not like.

    pm me if your interested in some plants.
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  14. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Lead in the aquarium   

    I supose it all comes down to the types of fish you have in the tank. Neon tetra aent the hardiest of specie but then again bristlnose are invincible.
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  15. fighter boy added a post in a topic: Lead in the aquarium   

    ive just made a post regarding this problem with lead. RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!
    its evil and id move it as soon as possible.
    Its cost me roughly $70.00 in neon tetra so far.
    Use rocks or something naturally occuring in the wild to weigh down plants.
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